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The Best Of Times

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We are Burdened Hearts


Gathered from the top crop of local musicians around Frederick, Maryland, Burdened Hearts was commissioned to tell a story. Their first release, a conceptual album, "The Best Of Times" details the half-decade struggle of current vocalist Mickey Basil through ongoing depression and the shifting tides of faith. Completed as a quintet, an impressive level of musicianship and songwriting inevitably showed up. Merging groove and brutality with a vocal-guided, polyrhythmic backdrop cannot go unnoticed. Written, produced and mastered by founding member Caleb Rodriguez, cowrote by Chris George of Sworn In, produced with Ricky Armellino of This Or The Apocalypse and Chris Glavez, whose credits include Phineas and Steady Hands, there is no shortage of heavy heroes weighing in on their first steps. Overall, "The Best Of Times" is set to be a breakout debut record from a band of seasoned musicians. By diving into the darkest parts of all of us, Burdened Hearts shows that those lost are not alone, that you feel is real and what is real matters.


Vocals / Mickey Basil
Guitar / Nick Sperlein
Guitar / Phil Book
Drums / Steven Haller



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